One of the most calming and relaxing games available on the internet is the Blocky Farm which is a fun and enjoyable game that involves no violence and bloodbath. If you are someone who is tired of seeing violence on your computer screen, then do try this game.

The game actually revolves around a farm in which the player is required to take care of the lands, see to the health of the animals and at the same time, harvest the crops.

Besides these basic activities, the game also includes some of the most fun activities where the player is required to make friends with the neighborhood people.

Features Of Blocky Farm:

The various features of the blocky farm are being listed down:

  • The player gets to undertake the management of his own farm and upgrade all the building in the vicinity.
  • The whole town has a lot of people who are friends and neighbors. Within the game, one can create real relationships and friendships with these people.
  • There is a very striking new and unique system of building a love for animals and interacting with them.
  • There is the availability of a drive system based on the principles of physics that let the player harvest his fields.
  • The player can also go and carry out fishing and other activities, thereby catching more than sixteen unique species of fishes.
  • There are various global events that are hosted on the game, one can participate in these games and can win various prizes.
  • The weather system is not constant and keeps changing every time.
  • The best and most innovative part of the game is the striking graphics that add to the overall flamboyance of the game.
  • Another striking feature of the game is that it can be played without the need for any sort of internet connection and also no Wi-Fi.

Blocky Farm: A Respite From Other Violent Games

The Blocky Farm is quite an engaging game as it contains plenty of fun elements. You can shower all your love on the care and maintenance of the animals. Besides, you can also harvest the field if the crops have fully grown and even send and deliver goods to the towns if you want.

There are several other farmers like you who want to compete with you. Compete with them to garner popularity all across the world.

Thus, the game is a sweet and loving game which is not at all hard on your mind while playing.

Blocky Farm

Blocky Farm Info

  • Game Name: Blocky Farm
  • Game Size: 69MB
  • Category: APK > Casual
  • Developers: Jet Toast
  • Current Version: v1.2.76
  • Ratings: 4.7 out of 5
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • In-App Purchases: From (‘$2.49’, ‘$149.99’) US Dollars
  • Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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How to Download?

  1. First Click on the "Download" button to get started.
  2. Download the Blocky Farm Mod APK on your Android Smartphone.
  3. Now "Allow Unkown Sources" Apps from your Phone.
  4. Install the APK Now.
  5. Enjoy!

How to Allow Unknown Sources?

  1. Go to your Phone settings.
  2. Click on Apps & Security Features.
  3. Now Tick on the "Allow Unknown Apps" from the options.
  4. Now Install your External APK you downloaded from AndyMod.
  5. Enjoy!

If you face any problems in Blocky Farm Mod, then kindly contact us or leave a comment down below.

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