In this game, Pokemon Go the use of mobile device GPS is made for capturing, battle, and to train the virtual creatures that are known as Pokemon. Also, these will appear in the real location of the player. This is an absolutely free game.

How to play the game?

The player of the game has to make an account and then they can get their own avatars customized. So, once this avatar is ready, they will be placed on a map which will depend on the geographical conditions of the player.

The players will be moving within their real-world surroundings then the avatars will be moving within the map of the game. You will see that there are different species of Pokemon that live in different areas of the world. When a player has an encounter with a Pokemon it will be viewed in the AR mode. This AR mode will make use of the player’s camera on his mobile device which is useful as it helps in displaying the image of the Pokemon as if they are present in the real world.

The AR map features several locations like PokeStops and Pokemon Gyms. While moving around their locality, the avatars would travel to the in-world locations where they can catch wild Pokemons and sometimes, the rare ones. In a gym, the player can team up with friendly players to challenge other players in a team-based battle called the king of the hill match.

Catch the Pokemon and complete the in-game tasks

In console and PC games, the players had to battle the Pokemon to catch them. But since this is not possible in the real world, the only thing the player has to do is throw a Poke boll on the wild Pokemon to catch them. The important factors which can help a player in successfully catching a Pokemon include the timing, the catch rate and the type of Poke ball that is being used.

By successfully completing specific in-game tasks and activities or accomplishing a mission, players can gain experience points. More the experience points, the more features the players can unlock. The main goal of the game is to catch and evolve all the entered Pokemon in the Pokedex.

Pokemon Go is free to play but the gamers have the option of in-app purchases which allows them to buy additional Poke balls and many other items like Incene, Lure Models and Lucky Eggs. A special feature called Buddy Pokemon was added to the game which allowed the players to choose a Pokemon of their choosing to be displayed beside them in their official profile.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO Info

  • Game Name: Pokémon GO
  • Game Size: 93MB
  • Category: APK > Adventure
  • Developers: Niantic, Inc.
  • Current Version: v0.149.1
  • Ratings: 4.1 out of 5
  • Installs: 100,000,000+
  • In-App Purchases: From (‘$0.99’, ‘$99.99’) US Dollars
  • Get it on Play: Download from Google Play

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How to Download?

  1. First Click on the "Download" button to get started.
  2. Download the Pokemon Go Mod APK on your Android Smartphone.
  3. Now "Allow Unkown Sources" Apps from your Phone.
  4. Install the APK Now.
  5. Enjoy!

How to Allow Unknown Sources?

  1. Go to your Phone settings.
  2. Click on Apps & Security Features.
  3. Now Tick on the "Allow Unknown Apps" from the options.
  4. Now Install your External APK you downloaded from AndyMod.
  5. Enjoy!

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